Silver Lining Playbook

Silver Lining

Dear Ones,

A few weeks ago I had a day that did not—in any way at all—go how I imagined. Do you know those days?

Students canceled their figure skating lessons at the last minute. (Yes, I also teach figure skating.) A lunch engagement that I had been looking forward to was postponed. I then went to do some shopping errands and the products I needed were not in stock. And, to boot, some personal issues that I thought had been resolved came unraveled. I felt like the universe was playing a little joke on me saying, “nope, nothing is going the way you think it is supposed to.” All in all, I could have felt quite frustrated and upset by the end of the day. But I didn’t! I felt happy, light-hearted and accepting. So how did I get there? That’s what I want to share with you…my new “silver lining playbook.”

When I arrived at the rink at 6am only to learn that my lessons for that morning had canceled, I heard my inner voice  asking, “what’s the silver lining?” Immediately I discovered that answers were available to me: I’d had a precious and very helpful phone chat (hands free) on my drive to work; I had a delicious, relaxing cup of coffee at a cafe; and I saw and hugged two dear friends who were at the rink. None of these events would have occurred if I had not driven over an hour in rush hour traffic to get there. Actually, I felt pretty good. Since there was nothing I could have done to change the situation, my guides asked me to notice the positive in the situation. Consequently I did, and I found a happiness and peace that was surprising and wonderful.

As my day continued, and as plans continued to shift and seemingly fall apart, I continued to ask, “what’s the silver lining in this?” I kept finding it. And each time I did, I noticed the sensation in my body went from tight and tense to more light-hearted and relieved. I was truly surprised how I was feeling throughout this day.

The universe’s lesson carried on into the evening. But by now, this was a game for me and I continued to find the bright side in each new situation. I was completely amused at how happy I was given “the day I had had.” I woke up the next morning with a more positive frame of mind than I would have imagined. My energy felt ready to welcome the new day.

Since then I’ve tried to make this part of my daily practice. It’s not that difficult decisions don’t keep arising, or that I don’t find myself in challenging situations. I do—and I still get upset. But now I move more quickly to a different perspective and a change of heart. Now when I notice my negative thoughts or the physical sensations associated with those thoughts I am choosing to look for the silver lining. My energy shifts to a much more positive one—and positive energy begets positive energy. My new playbook is helping me not to sweat the small stuff.

So, I invite you to begin to develop your own silver lining playbook that takes those challenging, difficult or unexpected circumstances and finds the hidden, perhaps small, perhaps magnificent gem in the midst of continuous change. My hope is that you find a greater sense of ease and feel yourself more at one with the flow of the universe. A shift in our perspective—even just one tiny shift—will have an impact both internally and externally, and that can make a huge difference in our relationships and in our day.

I want to hear from you

  • Will you try it for a day? If you do, and please do, I’d love to hear how it goes for you.
  • What kind of situations were easy to find the silver lining, which were difficult?
  • How did you feel each time you found a silver lining?
  • Are you struggling to find the silver lining?
  • How did you feel at the end of the day?


Work With Me

If you are struggling to find the silver lining in a situation or if you want to amp up the positive, loving energy more, let me know and we can schedule a session to work with it. Please contact me if you would like a reading. A reading is also a beautiful gift to give a friend or family member.


What else I’m up to

~ My husband, dog and I recently returned from a rejuvenating trip up the coast of California. We walked and played on the beach, visited with friends and I did several readings for clients up there. It was a nice blend of work and relaxing.

~ I just finished reading John Edward’s Afterlife and Eben Anderson’s A Proof of Life.

~ Work is being done on our property to help our home feel more like a sacred refuge. I am grateful.


With love and light,

Thanks for reading.

Winter Solstice


Dear Ones,

The Winter Solstice is almost upon us. In the northern hemisphere December 21st is the longest night and shortest day of the year. These long nights and cold days are a season for turning inward. It is a time to tap into the blessings found in the darkness.

The Winter Solstice represents the time we move from dark to light. As we find our way through this time of year I want to share a practice I found from Angeles Arrien. 

  • Reflecting back on this past year, what areas of my character have changed for the better? Where have I developed more courage, accountability, kindness, generosity, honesty, authenticity?
  • On the winter solstice, give gratitude for all the learnings opportunities, unexpected blessings, of this year. Practice extending generosity to loved ones and important strangers daily, in preparation for the new year.
  • As I prepare to enter a new year, what do I want to foster or release in my work, relationships, health, and within my own nature?

 May you find your way from dark to light.

I want to hear from you

How are you doing during this time? Do you have rituals for the Winter Solstice, Christmas, the New Year that are meaningful and special to you?  If you’d like to share your thoughts and experiences, please write a comment below. I’d love to hear about it.

Work  With Me

This is often a time for self reflection. Please contact me if you would like a reading. It is also a beautiful gift to give a friend or family.  

What else I’m up to

~ I will be at SeaStar Sanctuary in Gualala, CA, January 28 – February 2, 2014. I will give a talk on Friday, January 31 at SeaStar and I will be doing readings while I’m in the area. Please let me know if you’d like information on the talk or would like to schedule a reading.

~ I’m turning 50 in January! So this is a time of celebration, reflection and deep gratitude. 

With love and light,

 Thanks for reading.


A clairvoyant psychic learns to care for herself

Frangipani Flowers in Bowl of Water

As a clairvoyant psychic and healer, people often seek me out for counsel, advice, feedback and comfort. This is a blessing in my life. I appreciate that my friends respect my input. However, it’s easy to get trapped between my desire to help someone else and my need to take care of myself. Occasionally, when I’m not paying sufficient attention, I ignore my own needs in the midst of trying to serve others.  

I know some of you reading can relate to my dilemma. The story:

Recently, a dear friend asked me to use my clairvoyant psychic abilities to”look” at something. He felt some urgency about a situation and my input was valuable to him. I agreed. I was happy to do it. Yet somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain and heart, I sensed that this was a little bit too much for me to take on at that moment. I began feeling stressed and agitated. But I didn’t want to say no. This person is important to me. He was confused, and he really wanted my help. 

What to do?

The first step was to actually notice I was stuck. I could see that I did want to find a way to help him, just not by compromising myself.

I had considered giving up my writing time to help my friend. But when I had this thought I noticed a tightening inside, both physically and energetically. That’s a big red flag! To sacrifice my writing time would have been abdicating my own needs. I  know my friend wouldn’t want that for me either. 

On my way to acupuncture later that morning (yes, it’s something I do for me every three weeks) I called him, explained what was going on, and asked if we could figure something out. Two things happened on that call. First, he was understanding of where I was emotionally and appreciated my checking in. Second, I discovered his immediacy around the situation had dissipated. We agreed that I would “read” his situation when I had more psychic and emotional space within. As it turns out, I already had more emotional space from just checking in with him. I felt relieved and calmer. I did the clairvoyant psychic reading a few days later.

What I’m Learning/Working On

Listen, Notice & Take Action

As a healer, teacher and Capricorn, it’s very easy for me to help others and ignore the impact on my own life. I have to continuously work on listening to my inner voice. The truth is, if I don’t take care of myself—body, mind and spirit—I’m really of little use to anyone else anyway. So one lesson is about noticing what I need in order to feel an inner calm and balance. I am trying to recognize more quickly when I feel out-of-sorts. Instead of waiting for the big signs, what are the little signals that tell me I’m not taking care of myself? What are the physical signs, the feelings, and the messages that are popping up to tell me that I’m off track in this moment. I want to take action then.

I’m working on setting better boundaries for myself. I need to create time for me, even just in little bits. That means addressing: sleep, exercise, meditation, writing, time with my husband, time to myself, time in nature, my work schedule, vacations, and more. In a much more subtle way, this means learning to pay attention in the moment and asking myself, “what can I do right now to feel more equilibrium?” And then do it! 

Speak up and ask for what I want

Often, if I talk to someone and explain what is happening for me, we can mutually come up with a solution that works for both of us. So, I need to speak up! This means overcoming my fears of asking for what I want and need. By doing this, not only will I be taking care of myself, but I will be modeling a way of moving through the world that can help others learn to take care of themselves! In the long run, me taking care of me serves everyone.   

I want to hear from you

Can you relate to this story? Do you face similar situations and challenges? How do you take care of yourself in relation to others—especially those whom you deeply care about? What have you learned that works for you? I’m interested!. If you’d like to share, please write a comment below. 

Work  With Me

If you’d like some help taking care of yourself or figuring out what to do in relation to a friend, family member or colleague, contact me and we can talk about which kind of reading might help you.  

What else I’m up to

~ I recently returned from the northern coast of California where I combined relaxing, rejuvenating and half a dozen readings. It was a delightful trip playing on the beach with my husband, Alan, and our dog, Sammy, plus meeting beautiful people for whom I did readings.

~ I’ve been enjoying reading two books over the last while: Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette and The Fiery Cross by Diana Galbaldon. 

~ I am appreciating the bounty of summer fruits and vegetables. I so enjoy creating meals with beautiful, fresh produce! 

With love and light,

 Thanks for reading.


Letting go of guilt — with help from a medium

rocks on shore

How many times have any of us been asked by a close friend, partner or a relative, to do something we just didn’t feel comfortable doing? When someone we love asks us for help, and if we believe it will in fact help, we are inclined to try and fulfill their wishes. But what if we can’t? What if their request goes against all of our instincts, our beliefs, and our heart? What then?


“Carol” came to me looking for relief, several years after her husband, Ed, died from ALS. She loved her husband dearly and supported him every step of the way through his disease. However, there was one thing she couldn’t do.

When Ed was in the end stages, he asked Carol to make him a promise: when the pain got too great for him, he wanted Carol to help him end his life. At the time, Carol agreed. And when Ed’s pain and discomfort did become unbearable, he asked his wife to help him die. But she couldn’t. She just couldn’t. She felt terrible. Her heart broke watching him suffer. But she just couldn’t keep that promise.

When Ed finally passed away, Carol of course grieved for her husband of many years, but she also suffered tremendous guilt for not being able to carry out Ed’s wishes. She had let him down. She couldn’t forgive herself; she couldn’t let it go. 


With the hope that I could help her mom, Carol’s daughter gave her a reading as a gift. When Carol and I contacted Ed, his response was loving and not at all surprising to me. He was no longer suffering physical pain in his body; Ed’s soul had moved on. He wanted Carol to be able to move on as well. He let her know that he was with her. He described the ways that he contacted her from the other side. For eample, Ed sometimes changed the angle of a picture frame that sat on an end table. The picture was of Carol and Ed. She had noticed the frame was sometimes different from how she had left it. She thought she had felt his presence around her, but she hadn’t been sure. Now, she was grateful for the confirmation.

Carol, Ed and I also “discussed” her guilt. She cried. She apologized. She wished she had been strong enough to carry out his wishes. She said everything she needed to say. And then, Carol’s relief came.


Ed completely understood. Of course she couldn’t do it. She loved him. It was okay. He loved her for all of who she was, and that included not helping him to die. He so appreciated the way she cared for him and was immensely grateful for her love. Upon hearing all of this, Carol let out a deep sigh through her tears. I watched as the muscles in her face and in her whole body relaxed, letting go of the guilt she had been holding for all this time. Her energy shifted. There was a new lightness to her being. She could now move on.

After this release, Carol did move on with her life. She is thriving in a new house, close to family, and creating new friendships. Of course, she still misses Ed. But her life has moved forward.


Sometimes it just helps to hear from someone that they forgive us, that they understand, that they hold a place for us in their hearts no matter what we did or didn’t do. I’m delighted that I could help Carol connect with Ed and find the comfort she needed. I’m gratified to see her energy open and flourish. 

Work  With Me

Are you carrying around something that is holding you back—guilt, anger, judgement, sadness? I’d like to help. Contact me for a complimentary consultation. We can talk about which kind of reading might help you.

What else I’m up to

~   In early July I’ll be on the northern California coast doing readings. Contact me if you are interested in seeing me while I’m there.

~   I’m spending a little time in my garden. Getting my fingers into the soil, weeding and planting, helps me connect to the earth and to a deep place in myself. Plus, the flowers look beautiful and the tomotoes taste great!

~ I’ve begun a gratitude practice, thanks to a chat with friend James Baraz. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see more.

With love and light,

 Thanks for reading.

Inner guidance in the middle of the night


There are nights when I can’t sleep. I wake up two hours after I’ve gone to bed and lay there both trying to fall back to sleep and wondering if I should just get up. Most nights I doze off again fairly quickly. And then there are the other times. The times where I lay in bed, awake for hours. Can you relate?

I used to get frustrated when this would happen—after all, I have to get up soon and start my day! But lately, I’ve been trying to pay attention to what is truly keeping me awake. What is so important that my soul needs my attention? What is my inner guidance making sure I don’t miss? 

The busy day

Most of my daytime hours are filled with lots of people, loud noise, continuous attention to a clock, and an ever-growing “to do” list. So where is the time for me to listen to me? I think my body has decided the most effective time to recalibrate is at night. I wake up and can’t get back to sleep because my energy is out of balance. I might need to clear other’s energy I’ve absorbed throughout the day, process unresolved matters, or perhaps feel what’s in my heart. I’m not sure why I can’t fall back to sleep. What I do know is it’s time for me to pay attention.

The quiet night

Nights are quiet—both auditorily and energetically. If I am able to “rest” into it, I find it very pleasant to be up by myself in the middle of the night. For one, I’m not affected by other people’s energy. I look out the window at the night sky and relish the moon and stars. I feel more connected to the energy of the universe when I do this. I feel more at peace.

Sure, sometimes what keeps me awake is the “business” of the day—things I haven’t gotten done, how a particular meeting went, what I need to do tomorrow, etc. Even then, these hours in the night are a time when, if I choose, I can connect with a deeper part of myself. So, how do I do this? How do I attend to my own inner guidance? 

What I do

Relax. Listen. Appreciate.

Relax: I’m awake. Once I accept this fully and try not to change it, I am much better off. I take a few deep breaths and try to quiet the chatter in my mind.

Listen:  I ask my guides to show me what it is I need to see at this moment. And then I listen. What are the messages that come through? What are the images that appear? Sometimes I receive a message about the next step to take in relation to something I’m working on. Other times I might see someone’s face who has passed, or a place that has particular meaning for me. These are gifts from my higher self. They are the guidance I need in order to be more fully present with myself in this moment and in the forthcoming days.

Appreciate: At some point I become aware that I’m feeling sleepy again. Usually this is a sign that I’ve gotten some beautiful nugget from my deep self; I’ve heard the cry from within. I give thanks to my higher self, to my angels and spirit guides for reaching out to me and for finding a way to get my attention. And I thank myself for noticing the importance of this moment and for paying attention. Then I fall back to sleep. 

What in your soul needs your attention?

I know I am not, by far, the only person who goes through this. What are your experiences in the middle of the night? How do you find time to listen to your inner guidance? I’d like to hear. 

If you want help listening to the important messages from you soul, book a Clairvoyant Psychic reading with me here and we can listen together. If you aren’t sure, contact me and we can set up a consultation to discuss whether a reading might be right for you.

What else I’m up to

~   Alan and I recently returned from Kauai, HI. I am trying to maintain the strong connection to the earth I feel when I’m there. Each day since I have been back, I sit for a few moments and conjure up the sound of the ocean waves, the views from the deck of where we stay and the feeling of the sand and the water on my body.

~   I will soon be visiting two friends whom I have known since college. I treasure the time I spend with them each year. There is a comfort and continuity with them that I relish. Our friendship is such a blessing to me. 

~   I’m focusing on life management. How do I structure my calendar so that I create space to attend to the things that matter to me? It’s one thing to set the time aside in my calendar, or in my mind. It’s another to actually do what I’ve said I would, in the time slots I’ve set aside. This is a work in progress. I’ll keep you posted. 

With love and light,


Thanks for reading.

My newsletter is on its way!

Jumping for JoyFirst, thank you for joining my mailing list. It is gratifying to know that there are people who are interested in what I’m doing.

Today, I’m excited to tell you that in about a week I will be sending you my first newsletter. Since I haven’t sent anything to you in this way before, I wanted to announce this event with a note. It feels more personal. 

After you’ve read my newsletter, I hope you will share your thoughts with me through the “Comment” section. I’m thinking of this as an opportunity for us to have a dialogue. Also, please feel free to share any of it with your friends. (I just ask that you credit me with the information.)

I am excited to be launching this part of my clairvoyant psychic business. 

In love and light,