Psychic Readings for Insight, Connection & Healing

SusanDo you feel lost, confused, stuck? Do you have questions about your life path, your soul’s purpose?  Let me help you.

I’m Susan, and I am a clairvoyant psychic and medium.

I can help you gain a new perspective on how you look at, and live, you life.

Along with my clairvoyant and psychic skills, I have nearly three decades of experience as a trainer of an open systems model of communication.

This combination of skills provides me with a unique ability to listen to you and your guides, interpret the messages I receive, and then share these messages with you in a clear, understandable way, that helps you move forward in your life.

I also have a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior which helps me to better understand and address any professional and career challenges you may have.

My readings fall under four broad categories. An individual session can focus on just one category or can combine several:

People who come to me for readings find insight into their lives, their hearts, their hopes and their fears.

Through a reading I will share with you the wisdom and guidance that’s available all around you. When you make the simple, yet profound choice to connect with yourself, your higher self, your angels and spirit guides, you can experience the vast love, divine support and deep peace that is your birthright.


Complimentary Consultation

It brings me great delight when, through this work, we resolve your challenges and manifest your dreams.

Contact me now for a brief (10 minute) complimentary consultation to assess how we might best work together.


Disclaimer: A reading is not a substitute for advice from a licensed professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, veterinarianpsychologist or financial advisor. I provide no guarantees or implied warranties, and I am not responsible for any interpretation made or action taken by the recipient. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading.